Organ Grinder

Dr. Dreadful lets you crank up deliciously juicy organs with the all new terrifying Organ Grinder! Now you can eat every goo-filled Zombie Organ you create! Each tasty organ comes crawling with tasty bugs and includes a syringe for injecting delicious goo. Create the most disturbingly appetizing Zombie Organs with the Organ Grinder playset from Dr. Dreadful! It looks gross and tastes great!


Organ Grinder Machine, 2 Organ Molds, Measuring Cup, Mixing Cup & Base, Tweezers, Stir Stick/Scoop, 3 Packages of Food Mix, Food Injector, Instruction Guide, Ages 5+


Spider Eggs

Watch in horror as Doctor Dreadful's 8 legged arachnid lays hundreds of edible spider eggs right before your eyes! Devour them all before the spiderlings hatch!

And don't forget to dare your friends to fearlessly consume hundreds of your deviously delicious spider eggs. It looks gross and tastes great!


Spider Body, Spider Base, Stir Stick/Scoop, Eye Dropper, 2 Packages of Food Mix, Instruction Guide, Ages 5+


Zombie Lab

The ultimate in disturbingly delicious experiments Doctor Dreadful's Zombie Lab gives you more terribly tasty treats than ever! Brew bubbly brains, inject a fruity spider or watch as your Zombie barfs a delicious drink! You can eat everything you make.


1 Zombie Head with Brain, Forehead and Eye Mold and Stand, 2 Tools (Tweezers and Measuring Scoop/Stir Stick), 6 Pouches of Food, 1 Measuring Cup, Ages 5+


Stomach Churner

Bring Doctor Dreadful's Stomach Churner to life as it pours out foamy Belly Brew!
Lick delicious zombie warts and mix up some stomach acids to share with family and friends.


1 Stomach and Stand, 2 Test Tubes and Caps, 2 Test Tubes Stands, 1 Heart Pump and Piping, 1 Measuring Scoop/Stir Stick, 1 Eye Dropper, 1 Measuring Cup, 3 Pouches of Food, Ages 5+

Bug Lab


Watch as your bug mold oozes with goo to create tasty bugs of your choice. Experiment with grape or apple to get each bug as delicious as you want!


1 Bug Lab Tower with Crank, Injector Cup and Base, 2 Bug Molds Measuring Scoop/Stir Stick, 2 Pouches of Food, Ages 5+

Wax Snax / Snot Shot

Creepy to look at but delicious to eat, you'll be slurping your way to satisfaction! Eat snot through the nostrils and wax through ears of a ghastly beast. Create your own delicious experiments in chocolate and vanilla,


1 Nose, 1 Ear, 1 Syringe, 1 Gear Stand with Base and Injector Cup, 1 Measuring Scoop/ Stir Stick, 2 Food Pouches, Ages 5+